Babelio White Noise Machine: Best Budget Sleep Aid

I fell asleep like this white noise machine A full month later, I noticed a difference in my sleep around the second week. At first, I had a hard time getting used to adding subtle shushes, but by the third night, it became less noticeable. (I stuck with white for noise in my test trials, but have since tried other noises, such as waves.)

Halfway through the experiment, I realized I wasn’t hearing any of the usual nocturnal disturbances, such as neighbors returning late at night or the clanging of subway doors. In fact, at least I wasn’t woken up. two weeks, whereas it usually happens at least once or twice a week.

By the end of the month, I realized that not only could I tolerate a white noise machine, I needed it. My sleep quality has not improved so much since I added natural sleep aids to extend my nighttime routine.

What’s more, this device does more than just help me stay asleep. I started listening to the sounds of nature in the evenings while I drank tea and read, or turned on a warm light to imitate a candle.

As I start planning my travels for the new year, I’m already thinking of ways to this little machine Can help me nap while traveling – I think I might be more inclined to take Pocket size optionreplace.

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