Australian Open: Yannick Sinner makes miraculous comeback to defeat Daniil Medvedev to win first Grand Slam – Yahoo Sports

Jannik Sinner is the first Italian man to win the Australian Open since Adriano Panatta in 1976. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Jannik Sinner may have believed he was ready for this moment before. But on Sunday, he’s truly poised to reach the top of his sport.

Sinner came back from two sets down against one of his main rivals, ATP No. 3 Daniil Medvedev, to win 3-6, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. , won his first Grand Slam championship with a score of 6-. After 3 hours and 44 minutes of play, Sinner, a 22-year-old lanky red-haired man from northern Italy, tried his best to defeat Medvedev, relying on his excellent athletic ability to make a comeback from the situation. . It will almost certainly fail.

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Sinner was right behind him from the start. Medvedev came out strong, preventing Sinner from getting into a rhythm or getting into his familiar position behind the baseline. Medvedev kept coming at him on his serve, putting Sinner in an uncomfortable defensive position.

But in the third set, Medvedev began to tire. He defeated Alexander Zverev in five sets, overturning an exhausting run to reach the final. Sinner, on the other hand, is as fresh as a daisy. He defeated Novak Djokovic in the semifinals in just four sets, having not dropped a set in the entire tournament until that match. Sinner seemed to have a steady stream of energy flowing through his veins, while Medvedev’s movements began to look a little heavy. .

Sinner saw an advantage and pounced. When he’s really in a rhythm, he’s like an orange tornado, his limbs spinning. As the match progressed, Sinner gained the upper hand and he finally began to perform at his best, and at this point, he was most unbeatable.

After Sinner’s victory, he collapsed on the court and then suddenly emerged to embrace his friends and defeated foes.

After letting the feeling of victory overwhelm him, Sinner ran into the stands to hug his team. They wrapped him in their arms until all you could see was the top of his head.

During his speech, Sinner also had kind and beautiful words for his parents and how they gave him the freedom to choose what he wanted to do as a child.

Sinner is the first Italian to win a Grand Slam since Adriano Panatta in 1976. He is the first new Australian Open title winner in a decade – the last to win was Stan Wawrinka in 2014.

Although only 22 years old, this breakthrough was a long time coming for Sinner. A year ago, he played at times feeling like his mind and body weren’t fully integrated, like he was fighting one or the other to make the adjustments he needed. Now, his game is in harmony with itself. He has taken this leap and no longer has to fight his opponents and himself to win games.

It’s only January. We still have 11 months and three more majors to see what else Sinner can do this year.

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