Australia v West Indies: 2nd Test, Day 3 – Live

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Fourth game: Australia 17-0 (Smith 13, Khawaja 4) Smith relied on Joseph’s off-spin ball for four. Australia will be very pleased with this start – a couple of balls have gone over the edge, but otherwise they look comfortable.

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Third game: Australia 12-0 (Smith 9, Khawaja 3) Khawaja was beaten by a superb pass from Roach, who made a late move. He is a danger man for Australia and more importantly Shamal Joseph is likely to be ruled out with a toe injury. But the rest was pretty innocuous, including a complete toss that Smith couldn’t put away.

Bharat Sundaresan provides an update on Shamar Joseph:

“Word coming out of camp is that he’s icing his foot. He’s not going in for a scan. They’re just monitoring him right now.”#AUSvWI

— SEN Cricket (@SEN_Cricket) January 27, 2024

Second round: Australia 9-0 (Smith 8, Khawaja 1) Alzarri Joseph shares the new ball. Khawaja singled and then Smith drove in four runs. Sad pitch, laudable pitch.

Joseph responded with a jaffa that turned Smith around and flew over the edge. Smith nodded respectfully to the pitcher.

First game: Australia 4-0 (Smith 4, Khawaja 0) Roach started with a couple of big inswingers to Smith, who didn’t provide any batting for the first over and played around the second ball. West Indies came in for LBW but were missing a leg.

After a nervous start in his new role, Smith started the tournament with scores of 12, 11* and 6 and will be hoping for a win to calm the chatter. He hit a nice drive to the left of midfield for four runs.

OK, let’s get started: Kemar Roach to Steve Smith.

Australia need 216 to win

They had less than 90 minutes to bat with the new ball under lights. West Indies definitely need to take at least two wickets, preferably 10.

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Shamal Joseph retires injured: West Indies 193 all out

Yes, Joseph could not continue. He limped off the court with the help of Sinclair and a physical therapist. Some Australian players went over to see how he was doing. This is a big blow as he certainly won’t be able to bowl tonight, if at all.

Shamal Joseph left the field after being hit by a pitch from Mitchell Starc. Photograph: Darren England/AAP

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72.3 overs: West Indies 193-9 (Sinclair 14, S Joseph 3) Starc thought he had ended the innings when Joseph bowled LBW to a yorker – but it was a No ball.

Regardless, Stark may have finished his innings. Joseph’s toes were red and painful. I think that’s broken.

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Over 72: West Indies 190-9 (Sinclair 14, S Joseph 1) Joseph swept past Lyon in the corner and was within striking distance of Stark deep in the backfield. There are still 26 overs to be bowled tonight; we won’t get all of them, but Australia may have to face between 15 and 20.

Inning 71: West Indies 189-9 (Sinclair 14, S Joseph 0) finally! Sinclair hit a full floater on Starc and sliced ​​it over Smith’s head for four runs. As a result, Khawaja made a flying slide and Sinclair returned to his bunker. West Indies lead by 211 runs.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad, Ollie Pope played a blindfolded match. It won’t affect the outcome, but it could change his career. I have to admit, I thought he got tired of quality spin after the first innings.

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Match 70: West Indies 185-9 (Sinclair 10, S Joseph 0) The West Indies tail end ended the stalemate. Even Shama Joseph intervened. There was a careful, chaotic plan designed to kill time rather than focus on scoring.

It was another wicket maiden, taking three for two in nine overs since the break.

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Ticket gate! West Indies 185-9 (Roach LBW b Lyon 1)

A fastball from Nathan Lyon trapped Kemar Roach in front of mid-on and put him out of his misery. Roach missed the ball by a mile. He looked back and hoped the ball might have missed the leg stump, but that was the umpire’s call and Lyon got the third wicket after tea, with West Indies making two for three.

Australia’s Nathan Lyon (right) celebrates the wicket of Kemar Roach. Photograph: Darren England/AAP

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Over 69: West Indies 185-8 (Sinclair 10, Roach 1) Between games, the West Indies batsmen would have drinks, which could be an excuse to remind them that scoring a goal is a worthy goal.

Sinclair missed a big ball from new bowler Starc. The rest of the game was a stalemate.

West Indies’ Kevin Sinclair ducks under the bouncer bowled by Pat Cummins. Photo: Darren England/EPA

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Over 68: West Indies 185-8 (Sinclair 10, Roach 1) Another virgin, Lyon to Roach. West Indies have conceded two goals and two in seven overs since the end of the match – Morning Leach. They lead by 207 points.

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Over 67: West Indies 185-8 (Sinclair 10, Roach 1) Sinclair’s strokeless spell suggested there was a specific time when West Indies wanted to bowl. I’m not sure if this is the right strategy overall; time will tell.

It turns out Hazlewood can beat another teenage girl. His numbers are straight out of the 20th century: 14-5-23-3.

Round 66: West Indies 185-8 (Sinclair 10, Roach 1) Like you: Smith returned to the field just in time to see Lyon’s LBW appeal against Roach rejected. It’s a lovely pass that changes the long way but Roach comes out.

Another virgin. West Indies have scored 12 runs in the last 10 overs.

Round 65: West Indies 185-8 (Sinclair 10, Roach 1) Smith left the field after injuring his stomach muscle while catching the ball. That could mean he can’t start, depending on how long he leaves the field.

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