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90+9 minutes: Nathan Fraser’s shot from a tight angle found the net.

90+ 7 minutes: Wolves continued to fight hard but with little or no effect, although Matt Doherty won a corner with the ball passed from Paulo Torres. Villa substitution: Kane Kessler-Hayden comes on, making his Premier League debut. Leon Bailey makes way. At half-time, Lucas Digne was booked for some reason, possibly for dissent. Wolves’ corner made no noise.

90+4 minutes: Fraser fouled Konsa in the Villa penalty area and was awarded a free kick.

90+2 minutes: We will have a minimum of nine minutes of make-up time between all replacements and IT repairs via official communications.

90+1 minutes: Totti fouled Leon Bailey and Villa took a free kick about 30 yards from the Wolves goal. Douglas Luiz fired the ball towards the far post but it was intercepted before it reached Nicolo Zaniolo.

90 minutes: Villa substitution: Tim Irogbunam for Moussa Diaby

87 minutes: Doherty made an almost immediate impact, heading over the crossbar after receiving a cross.

85 minutes: Wolves made three substitutions: Matt Doherty, Nathan Fraser and Boubacar Traore replaced Nelson Semedo, Joao Gomez and Leon Chiwome.

84 minutes: Max Kilman and Jon Duran were both booked for fighting and pulling each other while trying to get the ball. It was both a small thing and nothing, and the yellow card seemed excessive.

82 minutes: Santiago Bueno passed the ball to the left side of Villa’s penalty area, and Emi Martinez quickly rushed out of the penalty area and jumped to snatch the ball away.

81 minutes: Wolves substitute Tawanda Chilawa was booked for preventing Ezri Konsa from taking a quick free-kick after a foul on a Villa defender.

79 minutes: Douglas Luiz’s corner kick towards the near post went out of play again and Villa got his fourth consecutive set-piece, this time Luiz putting the ball straight into the gloves of Jose Sa.

78 minutes: Referee assistant Steve Meredith has recharged and restarted and the game will continue.

74 minutes: Jhon Duran took control of the ball with a speculative kick from the back and shot wide of the far post, which from a second angle could have been in the direction of Moussa Diaby An errant low cross. .During the game, a linesman replaced the battery pack on his communication device.

73 minutes: Douglas Luiz fired a free kick into the Wolves penalty area from the left. Jose Sa snatched the ball away from teammate Mario Lemina’s head.

70 minutes: Wolves substitutions: Tawanda Chirawa comes on for the third time super league Appear. Tommy Doyle gives way.

70 minutes: Kilman hit a long diagonal line to Semedo, who met Lucas Digne and stole the ball. Wolves made a substitution in front of the goal: Hugo Bueno replaced Rayan Ait-Nouri.

67 minutes: Zaniolo was once again frustrated by Sa, this time trying to shoot from a tight angle. Wolves are now on the ropes.

67 minutes: Jose Sa made a fine save after Italy substitute Zaniolo’s three-pointer was blocked by Diaby

Goal! Aston Villa 2-0 Wolves (Konsa 65)

Villa’s lead expands! Ezri Konsa won plaudits when his pass to Dhuran from the right fell inside the far post before the substitute had even touched it. It was just a fluke but he will claim otherwise and no one can prove him wrong!

Ezri Konsa crosses… Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters
….Finally onto the Internet! Photograph: Molly Darlington/Reuters

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64 minutes: Double substitutions for Villa: Niccolò Zaniolo and Lucas Digne replace Morgan Rogers and Alex Moreno.

61 minutes: Leon Chiwoma had the ball well in behind Diego Carlos, but the Villa centre-back soon got the ball back and tackled the 18-year-old. gliding challenge super league Debut.

59 minutes: Former Villa striker Juan Pablo Ángel was the guest of honor at today’s match and received a standing ovation when his face appeared on the big screen. He looked great, although I wouldn’t have recognized him if you gave me ten thousand guesses. His once long, straight black hair was now short, grayish-white.

56 minutes: Semedo and Sarabia joined forces on the right, and Semedo’s cross was blocked by Paulo Torres and took a corner kick. After the ball flew into the penalty area, Totti Gomez was awarded a penalty kick for a foul on Emi Martinez.

53 minutes: The game took a brief break as the sun set so Villa’s Muslim goalscorer Moussa Diaby could end his Ramadan fast. He returned to the sideline before play resumed, eating a banana and drinking an energy drink.


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52 minutes: Doyle and Sarabia stood over the ball, with the latter firing the ball over the crossbar from a foot outside the box.

50 minutes: It was a free kick for Wolves in front of the Villa penalty area and Sarabia was pushed away from the goal as he rushed towards goal.

48 minutes: Rayan Ait-Nouri ran into space on the edge of the Villa penalty area, only to have the ball stolen by Tielemans. He sent Bailey to the right, who cut inside and fired over the crossbar. He should at least hit the target from there.

46 minutes: Villa’s free kick went wide from the right. Douglas Luiz and Leon Bailey appeared to cross paths in the execution, but Bailey eventually curled the ball towards the far post. Diego Carlos stretched his body and headed the ball wide, and the flag was raised for offside.

Second half: Aston Villa 1-0 Wolves

46 minutes: The game restarted with John Dhuran replacing Ollie Watkins, who was speculated to be injured.

Half-time: Aston Villa 1-0 Wolves

peep! Paul Tierney ended the first half as Villa went into the half-time break with a one-goal lead. Wolves dominated the game for 25 minutes and it took them a while to get going. But Villa finally rallied and scored through Moussa Diaby after Rayan Ait-Nouri missed a great chance to put the visitors ahead.

45+1 minutes: Ezra Konsa sprinted towards the edge of the Wolves penalty area and tried to curl the ball into the far post, only to miss it. Cut to Tyrone Mings and John McGinn sitting side by side in the stands. They had a good laugh at Konsa’s poor shot.

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