Artificial intelligence-generated spoofs of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” are flooding Instagram and TikTok

A mix of real and unreal may explain why some artificial followers drag queen show Be passionate about what they see in their feed. Michael says he “lives for the overreaction” of fans who believe his creations are real people. He said people often ask him for the Queen’s real Instagram account.

“I occasionally get hateful comments from people saying I’m taking away real drag queens’ jobs,” he said. As an illustrator, Michael said he knows “artificial intelligence is taking away my job,” But he doesn’t believe his passion project on Instagram is taking money away from people. “If someone watches an AI drag queen show and doesn’t go to a club and tip a real drag queen, that’s that person’s problem, not my drag queen show’s problem,” he said.

“Fantasy Drag Race”‘s Maas said she’s also had fights with other creators in group chats because she questioned how seriously they took the entire process. “I’m a queer, non-binary Mexican from upstate New York,” she explains. Saying that my drag competition isn’t to their taste, or that some of my looks are ugly, doesn’t bother me at all. ” Still, she said, it’s understandable that people feel emotionally attached to her work.

Unfortunately, that Attachment also comes with a sense of looming fear because of the whole idea of ​​artificial intelligence generation drag queen show While some creators think what they’re doing is parody and excuse themselves by posting what Grimmelman calls “almost completely useless” (or perhaps meaningless) copyright disclaimers on their Instagram pages, But other creators admit they may be building their followings on shaky foundations.

Many accounts, including ones dedicated to Disney characters, have been taken down from Instagram, giving creators who only used animated or existing characters some pause. “I’m very afraid of being deleted,” Haus said. “But if I do, so be it. I mean, what else can I do?”

“I made sure I didn’t do anything to sexualize the characters or take away from their true tone,” adds “Drag Race’s” Shane. “I just blended the two mediums together. — terror and terror.” drag queen show— and blend it into something both sets of fans can enjoy. “

This is not just drag queen show Fans who also enjoy the AI ​​experience. Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige, Queen of Season 16 drag queen show, I just wore one on the catwalk Originally originated as a series of images generated by artificial intelligence. One of her Season 16 sisters, Plane Jane, is following at least one AI creator.

Michael of the Official AI Drag Queen Show said he has been approached by multiple queens asking to use their fictional creations as inspiration, with one unknown queen from an international franchise asking Michael to design an entire show based solely on his work modeling. Cala Monte Carlo Pictures“I felt like it was just a matter of time,” Michael said, “that I would see something on TV that I rendered a year ago.”

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