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87 minutes: Doughty sprinted past White and reached the sideline. Once again, it was a floating cross rather than a dribbling one, and Hashioka flicked a shot towards goal, but Gabriel was there to make another interception. What a great defender he has become, always seeming to be in the right place at the right time.

85 minutes: Smith Rowe received a round of applause.He is a well-loved man arsenal Fans, he performed well tonight in his first start since January. Jorginho appears.

82 minutes: I doubt whether arsenal A striker will be signed in the summer. Havertz has been so successful as a false nine in recent weeks that it seems odd to upset the apple cart. Gabriel Jesus is an excellent backup. I wonder if Nketiah will get a move. There was a brief period there last season where he held his own, but the youngster has fallen down the pecking order and will surely be sold if Arsenal sign another striker.

80 minutes: Beverly bent one! Not the words I wanted to type tonight. Trossard and Nketiah combined well on the left wing and the ball was passed back to Fukang on the edge, but the Japan international deflected the ball a yard or two wide. Kaminsky is scrambling!

78 minutes: If Luton do go down, imagine a few people coming in for Alfie Doughty. Diligent, neat and with a beautiful left foot. Can play anywhere on the left wing. I like him.

75 minutes: There are two more arsenal Changes: Martinelli and Chiviol replace Nelson and Zinchenko.

Luton also made a change: striker Woodrow replaced Oyedinma, who will serve as a temporary right-back tonight. It looks like Luton are trying.

74 minutes: Oyedinma is booked for preventing Nketiah from making a dangerous move arsenal Fight back.

73 minutes: Manchester City leads Aston Villa. It was just past halftime of that game.

71 minutes: Luton look more likely to score so far. Onedinma was the next to send a dangerous cross into the box, but Gabriel was there to block it. Odegaard urged his team to stay in shape.

69 minutes: Chong has made a real impact since coming on, sliding in from Luton’s left to Doughty. But it was a bad cross! Floating rather than whipping, Zinchenko was able to clean up play at the far post. A very good move from Luton. The game has not been won yet.

Arsenal’s Reiss Nelson attempts to block a pass from Luton Town’s Tarsis Chung. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

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67 minutes: arsenal Two substitutes were immediately replaced: Petty replaced Rice, and Havertz replaced Nketiah with a yellow card. I’m surprised Arteta played Rice instead of Jorginho.

65 minutes: Havertz received a yellow card for diving. Replays showed that the card was more than deserved.

62 minutes: Adam Klineschoder wrote in an email: “As far as Zinchenko goes, I agree with his performance tonight, but more broadly I feel like he almost falls into Alexander-Arnold territory. “Excellent when going forward but questionable defensively.” “I know he plays in midfield for Ukraine and the only reason I can think of why Arteta doesn’t follow suit is because Zinchenko has the ability to play deep when attacking. A few yards of extra space.”

Not sure you can put him on TAA’s level, although I appreciate that as he gets better moving forward. That said, he was careless with the ball tonight.

60 minutes: Another dangerous free kick from Luton, about 30 yards out. This seems to be their best route back into this game. Doughty had gotten over it, but he looked like he was going to cross rather than shoot. Yes, it was a cross to the back post, but Saliba was there to flick it away. Maybe the idea of ​​landing the French center can be abandoned.

57 minutes: I wonder how long Arteta will keep Odegaard on the pitch with Vieira on the bench. There is also an argument to replace Chiviol with White (Fukang), Havertz (Nketiah), or even Gabrielle?

55 minutes: arsenal A free-kick blocked by Craig Pawson was shouted out and Chung appeared to collect Nelson on the edge of the Luton penalty area. The referee waved the game on.

53 minutes: Luton offensive substitution: midfielder Mpanzu comes off and the winger comes on. This will mean a tactical reshuffle for Luton. Remember, Mpanzu lost the ball in Arsenal’s first goal. Scored a beautiful goal against Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend.

50 minutes: Apart from a nice interception of a Clark cross in the first half, Zinchenko had a poor performance tonight. The defense looked far away from the ball and needlessly lost possession on three separate occasions. I suspect Arteta will be quietly angry.

48 minutes: “Hashioka appears to be a very good player, but I’m not sure he fully resonates with the rest of the Hatters defense despite his best efforts,” Kari Turinius wrote in an email. There will be other players at Luton who will have real assets, although that may be in the Championship. “

Not sure I agree that he looked like a very good player tonight and not just because of the own goal. Appreciate that he is usually a right back and plays at centre-back, but he has been marked out by Trossard and looks a little lost defensively. He is a Japan international, though, so no big deal. arsenal Away from home is a tough task for any defender.

46 minutes: Nelson made a clever break down the right, leaving two Luton defenders behind him, before Kabore relied on him and won the ball back. arsenal For the first time, the midfielder actually carries the ball forward. Please tell me more.

Bah bah bah bah! We set off again, heading towards North London.

Score two goals at the Etihad Stadium! But for whom (voiced by Jeff Shreves), Taha?

Halftime reading:

Manchester City also failed to score against Aston Villastarting at 8.15pm BST.

Halftime score: Brentford 0-0 Brighton.


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Half-time: Arsenal 2-0 Luton Town

It was smooth sailing for the Gunners.

45+6 minutes: …an easy save on Raya. In reality, Barkley’s effort was poor.

45+5 minutes: Partey tried a nutmeg in midfield but lost the ball in his own half. Luton broke forward and Saliba fouled Clark in a dangerous area outside the Arsenal penalty area. Barkley caught the ball for 25 yards…

45+3 minutes: A word from Smith Rowe, who set up the first goal with an important tackle and the second with a smart run in behind before cutting back smartly. The Englishman had a brilliant first half.

45 minutes: Four minutes have been added here.This goes exactly as planned arsenalthey didn’t need to bring on Rice, Martinelli, Chiviol, Jorginho or any of their other regular starters in the second half.

Goal! Arsenal 2-0 Luton (Hashioka og 44)

Is the game over? Smith Rowe sprinted towards the baseline and pulled the ball across the goal and towards Nelson, but Luton defender Hashioka inadvertently kicked the ball into his own goal from close range!

Arsenal’s Emile Smith Rowe puts the ball into the danger area… Photo: David Price/Arsenal Football Club/Getty Images
Luton Town’s Daiki Hashioka (second from left) scores the ball into his own goal, doubling Arsenal’s lead. Photography: Eddie Keough/Getty Images

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42 minutes: From the corner, Patty almost poked the ball in! Trossard’s shot deflected into the path of Partey, but Doughty just turned around and toed the ball away!


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41 minutes: Ben White, with all the grace of Prime Zizou, moved his man into midfield before releasing Havertz, who forced Kaminski into another Save. Luton once again performed well, reacting fastest and winning the corner with great clarity.

38 minutes: Partey, making his first start since August, has been tidy in Arsenal’s midfield, while Smith Rowe has also impressed. Nelson, however, is fairly unknown on the right wing.

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