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Arkansas squatters claim land belongs to them because they’re part of exclusive group: police

Squatters have registered They claim land in Arkansas and claim to be part of a group of sovereign citizens who have violently clashed with law enforcement.

The investigation into the squatters began in August 2023, Sharp County Sheriff Shane Russell said in a news release.

Authorities said they noticed a couple moving into an RV and a “gated property” that belonged to someone else.

The pair allegedly built a permanent structure, dug a septic line, installed solar panels and began storing numerous items. Water volume.

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Megan Steadman's RV

Anyone who has seen Chris Falls or Stedman’s RV (pictured) in the past four weeks is asked to contact the Idaho Falls Police Department. About four weeks ago, Falls repainted the stripes on the side of the vehicle blue.

Sheriff Russell said law enforcement confronted the couple over their squat and issued multiple eviction notices.

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Despite threatening the two of them with an eviction noticethe pair refused to leave their RV.

The two men said they were members of a sovereign citizen group called the Moorish National Republic.

Police said the pair provided law enforcement with a false legal document claiming the land was sovereign property and saying they could not be forced to leave.

Press releasePress release

A press release from the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office details squatting incidents in Arkansas.

arrive Southern Poverty Law Centerthe people of the Moorish National Republic came into conflict with federal and state authorities over their refusal to abide by laws and government regulations.

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On Thursday, January 25, a large group of law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on the squatters and arrested the two men without incident.

authorities said The two men initially refused to reveal their identities, but the male suspect identified himself as Saleem Yosiyah YisraEl.

police carpolice car

Police said both attacks occurred in broad daylight.

Authorities said they found multiple vehicles with “false license plates” on the property.

In addition to the illegal vehicles, authorities also found evidence illegal fraud The two were conducting the command from the RV.

The scam involved the postal service and thousands of dollars in Iraqi currency, police said.

Authorities concluded that the FBI was investigating alleged fraudulent documents and cybercrimes.

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