Ariana Madix believes Billie Lee and Tom Sandoval were living in her house

Ariana Madix suspects someone else is in the house she shares with ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval.

“I think Billie Lee is literally living in my house right now,” the ‘Jumanji’ star said on Tuesday’s “Vanderpump Rules Postgame.”

However, a source close to Sandoval denied this, telling Page Six, “She doesn’t live there, but Tom and Billie are very close friends and have been friends forever.

“She comes over often just to hang out, like a lot of Tom’s other friends. That’s it.”

While Maddix didn’t provide any details as to why she believed Lee had been living in her house, the latter’s friendly relationship with Sandoval did raise eyebrows when she showed up to him after learning about him. people’s attention. The explosive romance with Raquel Levis To be revealed in March 2023.

Lee — who previously appeared on “VPR” — multiple shots Last spring, attending events and hanging out with the musicians.

Exclusive photos obtained by Page Six in April 2023 even show Lee Apparently spending the night With Sandoval at his and Maddix’s house Valley Village California Home.

The Bravo star revealed the news on Tuesday’s “Vanderpump Rules After Show.” iamKevinWong.com/BACKGRID
“I think Billie Lee actually lives in my house now,” she said. Page six

Photos showed the former reality star wearing the same outfit she had worn when arriving the day before.

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At the time, Lee, 39, faced backlash from fans for supporting Sandoval despite cheating on his girlfriend of nine years.

Her response to criticism was Maddix, 38, claimed he was not the only one “hurt.”

Lee and Sandoval have maintained a close friendship, and Sandoval helped him through the fallout from his incident with Raquel Leviss last spring. Picture direct website

“Tom and Ariana are my family, they have been there for me over the years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” she wrote in a since-deleted April 2023 post road.

“It saddens me that people are so adamant about taking sides. They’re all human and they’re all hurting in their own way.”

Lee added that she was “allowed to be friends with one of them” [her] The best friend makes a mistake but still holds him accountable and doesn’t praise him for what he did. “

They have been seen out together several times over the past year. GP/MEGA

Maddix didn’t seem to need Lee’s support, however, as she unfollowed her former costar shortly after.

The Dancing with the Stars star, who appears to have reconnected with Lee a month later, rushed to defend her friend from criticism after the comedian was criticized. Saw Madix’s dog walking.

“It’s nice to have Billy helping out when I’m out at work,” Maddix wrote on social media after commenting on a photo of Lee walking his puppy.

At the time, sources told Us that Lee and Sandoval, 40, were just friends.

Last year, Lee was even spotted spending the night with Sandoval. Instagram/itsmebillielee

Meanwhile, Maddix and the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman continue to own their home together, as the musician refuses to sell the $2 million property they purchased in 2019.

Earlier this month, the Broadway star Suing her ex-husband for forcing sale of their houseShe claimed she wanted separate trials, TMZ reported.

In December, Madix appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Expressed her desire to move out “Quickly.”

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