Are Europe’s peasant uprisings sowing the seeds for the far right? – podcast

The scene is now familiar across Europe, from Poland to Portugal: angry farmers blocking roads, ports, railways and city centers. Parts of Brussels and Berlin have been paralyzed in recent weeks. Farmers closed highways, dumped manure and threw eggs. , destroying supermarkets, setting fires haystacks and pallets and clashed with police.

As the Guardian’s European correspondent Jon Henry Tell Michael Safi, There are many reasons for their anger, including rising fuel and fertilizer costs, supermarket price squeezes and cheap imports flooding the market. But one focus of their anger: What they see as Brussels’ new green regulations and their onerous protests are having an impact; politicians have compromised and delayed some in recent weeks as elections loom and the far right agitates for a green agenda. The introduction of measures. But the climate crisis is only getting worse, and as America’s prolonged drought Spain has shown, Europe is increasingly on the front lines.

Photograph: Czarek SokoĊ‚owski/AP

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