Apple pulls ads from X after Musk made anti-Semitic remarks

Apple reportedly followed IBM’s lead and pulled ads from X (formerly Twitter) after the platform’s owner, Elon Musk, posted comments endorsing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and supporting white pride. post, and continues to fight the Anti-Defamation League. Media Matters highlighted his remarks Yesterday, and X placed company ads next to pro-Nazi and pro-Hitler content.When IBM froze its advertising on Thursday, the company issue a statement edge It said it would investigate “this completely unacceptable situation”.

At least two other organizations also stopped advertising today. Bloomberg The report states that Lionsgate has “suspended all advertising on X, effective immediately,” and Politico It said the European Commission sent an internal message to leaders stating it had stopped advertising there due to “widespread concerns about the spread of misinformation.”

Axios A report citing unnamed sources said Apple is pausing ads on X.sources revealed edgeAlex Heath said Apple has been one of the largest advertisers on the platform. It often buys ads promoting new products and for high-profile campaigns it buys custom “hashflag” emoji animations that change the “like” button response on flagged posts.

in a September interview cbs sunday morningApple CEO Tim Cook solved The company’s ongoing relationship with X, saying “there are some things I don’t like” and calling anti-Semitism abhorrent. He also said that Apple had been considering the decision to advertise on X, but did not give any hints about discontinuation plans at the time.

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