Apple may be planning its first foldable phone

According to The Information, Apple is developing its first foldable phoneIt’s not expected to be released anytime soon, if at all. There are no exact details yet on what format the device will come in, other than that Apple is considering producing a foldable iPad first. Despite all this uncertainty, it has become something. It’s an open secret that Apple is working on some sort of foldable device. The company has a knack for reinvigorating product categories when it releases versions of existing devices. (Though we’ll see if a new version of it Visual Pro Headphones can continue this momentum. )

In slightly more anticipated foldable news, news about Google’s next foldable phone has begun trickling out. Android authority report And then being singled out by every other gadget news outlet (yes, that includes us, hi there), these leaks are not confirmed. Still, there are some educated guesses about the future of the Pixel Fold 2. The main points are an updated form factor, which could see a narrower, squarer structure, and a possible redesign of the rear camera bar.Beside this there is rumor Google will replace its Tensor G3 chips with the yet-to-be-announced G4 processor and 16GB RAM.

Again, all of this is rumor – at least until the next inevitable leak. In the meantime, there’s more consumer tech news this week.

Porsche supercharges its electric cars

German luxury carmaker Porsche has announced an update to its first electric car. 2025 Taycan Compared with the previous generation product, the charging capacity has been greatly improved. The charging capacity has been increased from 270 kW to 320 kW, and the charging capacity has been greatly increased.

Photo: Porsche

The Taycan also benefits from an increase in range, with up to 678 kilometers (421 miles) on a single charge. There are three design variants, which are more angular and stylish than the previous generation Taycan. All Taycan models also have improved fast charging and can charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in approximately 18 minutes. Porsche says the more expensive Taycan Turbo S can accelerate from a stop to 62 mph in 2.4 seconds.

Porsche is making a big push towards the launch of its electric cars. Released second electric vehicle In January, the slightly less expensive electric Macan sold for $78,800. Pricing for its new Taycan models starts at $99,400, and Porsche says they’re taking orders now.

Where Toyota wants to go

In other EV news, Toyota has its own EV plans.this week Auto giant announces Investing $1.3 billion to build an electric battery factory in Georgetown, Kentucky. The company has not yet revealed which vehicles it will put the batteries in, but at least one is a three-row electric SUV it plans to sell in the United States.

For a family already So boycott the production of electric cars, and even actively oppose environmental legislation, which does not directly benefit Toyota’s hybrid business model. Toyota has long touted the advantages of its hybrid Prius over pure electric vehicles.But the market Electric vehicles continue to growit’s clear Toyota wants to take action now.

Of course, switch to all electric vehicles not enough to stem the climate crisis, but perhaps the company’s leaders can see the tide is turning. Or rather, it is rising.and keep rising.and keep rising…

be lazy

There’s nothing better than lying in bed at night, drifting off to sleep, and hearing the soft click of a brush telling you that your coworker just sent you a DM or seven.

Other shared office communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams have profoundly changed the way people work today. The ease with which Slack users can communicate with each other in virtual workspaces means it’s harder than ever to separate our work lives from our daily lives. personal.

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