Apple asks its San Diego Siri quality control team to relocate to Texas

Apple will merge a team of 121 employees in San Diego with one in Austin, Texas, and any employees who choose not to relocate may be laid off on April 26. according to BloombergAccording to the report, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that the team will “have the opportunity to continue to play a role at Apple in Austin” and that the team will listen to recordings of Siri interactions to ensure that it responds appropriately.

The article reported that employees were surprised by the move, which Apple had said would be to another campus in San Diego by the end of January rather than to Texas. The company reportedly told employees they could apply for other jobs internally. While some question whether they’re qualified for Apple’s other positions in the city, most don’t plan to move.

This is to be expected given the suddenness of the matter – some people almost certainly wouldn’t have left so suddenly. So their departure is not a layoff per se, but it is not far from a layoff either.Apple has most Avoid layoffs like other companies drastic cuts the past two years.

For those who are moving, Bloomberg They will receive a $7,000 stipend, while Apple will provide the others with four weeks of severance, plus one week of pay for each year they work, and six months of health insurance, the company wrote. The San Diego team reportedly listened to Siri recordings in multiple languages, including Hebrew, English, Spanish and Arabic.

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