Angus Cloud gives one of his final performances in the new film Your Lucky Day. The director recalled that he was a “warm soul” who calmed “everyone down.”

Angus Cloud Stars in new indie thriller your lucky day, and deceased fans Euphoria The star won’t disappoint with one of his final screen performances. Director and screenwriter Daniel Brown tells Yahoo Entertainment that “the movie just became more important.” After Claude’s accidental death He called actors’ families “the most important audience right now.”

“I just hope they all feel like he’s properly represented and that he’d be proud of it,” Brown shared ahead of the film’s release, as he remembered Claude as “a warm soul” who “meant to everyone. Very friendly” on set.

exist your lucky day, A dispute over a winning lottery ticket turns deadly when a criminal (Claude) robs a convenience store. Witnesses must decide how much of the $156 million prize they will take.brown never seen Euphoria, but his wife watched the hit HBO show and suggested that Claude would be perfect for the lead role. Brown still remembers “the smile on my face” when he later learned Crowder was interested.

“It felt crazy, like an unimaginable thing because it wasn’t going to be a big-budget movie,” Brown recalled. “Then we talked and he seemed so perfect… He It’s a little different than the character in the movie.” The character was written. So I was happy to have his energy be part of the film because I feel like there should always be a criminal character with a big heart who tries to connect with the people around him.”

On set, Claude was a big-hearted man who maintained close bonds with the cast and crew.

“I think leadership on set is a very important thing, especially for a small movie and a very tight budget. We shot at night, which wasn’t the easiest shoot either… [Angus] So calm about everything and so nice to everyone,” Brown shared, calling Crowder his “sweetheart.”

Brown even remembers a time when Crowder was taking a break from the set, so the up-and-comer helped craft services create a YouTube video. [all felt] I was so lucky to have him around,” Brown gushed, calling Crowder “a warm soul who kind of helped calm everyone down” throughout the 16-day shoot.

“A lot of actors also have TV schedules, so one day we might lose someone, or we change our schedule a little bit and he’ll be like, ‘Oh, you know, that’s okay. Euphoria, that’s what we do, sometimes I don’t have a script and sometimes we just wait,” Brown shared. “He was very calm about the whole thing, which really helped. Especially on a small film where you have a young crew and having someone in this position who’s like, ‘Everything’s going to be okay.’ He really had a presence for everyone. All brought great comfort.”

Brown was shocked when he learned on July 31 that Crowder was found dead in his home in Oakland, California. The actor’s cause of death was ruled an accidental drug overdose.

“I think my first reaction was disbelief. I got a text message and I said, ‘This isn’t true,'” Brown recalled.

“I just feel so sad,” the author continued, “that the weird thing is that this movie has become even more important… I think it’s going to be another step in his career. It makes even us talk about it I feel bad.”

The first thing Brown did after learning the news was to try to contact Crowder’s mother.

“I am a father, [she’s] The first thing that comes to my mind is that I know [Angus’s] “My father had just passed away and he was ill. I can’t imagine how hard that must have felt for you,” he explained. “I contacted his mother, [said] What a great guy he is, how special he is, and I’m so lucky to work with him. “

Brown is screening your lucky day Visiting Crowder’s loved ones in Oakland next week.

“We rented a theater and it was just his family and friends,” he revealed. Brown wasn’t sure if Claude’s mother had seen the film, but he sent her a screener ahead of time. She read it and we discussed it.I did warn her [about] some things. “

Brown called Crowder’s family “the most important audience.”

“I hope [his mother] Watch him and be proud of him,” he said, adding, “I’m super excited to work with him. It’s awesome.”

your lucky day The film opens in theaters on Friday, November 10, and will be released digitally starting on Tuesday, November 14.

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