Amazon’s palm-scanning service now lets you sign up via your phone

Amazon now lets you sign up for its palm recognition service right from your phone. turning on A new Amazon One app iOS system and Android You can use it to take a photo of your palm and set up your account so you can start scanning your palm in locations that support verification technology.

Amazon One uses generative AI to analyze the vein structure of your palm to create a “unique digital vector representation” of your hand, which it recognizes when your hand is scanned in-store. On mobile, Amazon says it uses AI to match photos from the palm of your hand. “Near-infrared images” of the phone’s camera and the Amazon One device.

If you plan to use the service for age verification, you’ll need to add a payment method to the app and upload a photo of your ID. You can also link loyalty programs, season tickets and gym memberships.

Although technology has advanced some privacy issuesAmazon says palm images uploaded in the app are “encrypted and sent to a secure Amazon One domain in the Amazon Web Services cloud.” It also says the app “includes additional layers of spoof detection,” adding that you can’t store or download images of your palms to your phone.

That still might not be enough to convince some users (myself included) to hand over their, well, hand,For convenience. Because, unlike passwords, You cannot get new palm prints.

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