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November 6, 2023 – Allstate Foundation The 20 winners of the second annual open call for proposals have been announced. This year, RPF is focusing on nonprofits that create inclusive economic opportunity. They were selected from more than 900 nonprofit organizations that applied. These unrestricted grants support organizations that promote economic inclusion and financial empowerment to create pathways to success for all, especially those from underrepresented communities.

These 20 nonprofits will receive a total of $2 million in funding in recognition of their work to break down barriers to economic opportunity and create a more inclusive society. The winners (in no particular order) are:

  1. low income investment fund
  2. Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc.
  3. prosperity now
  4. Full range
  5. american indians organization of the islamic conference
  6. atlantic influence
  7. enterprising latino company
  8. brightness
  9. Said Buffalo Scholarship Corporation
  10. Restaurant Opportunity Center Roc United Inc
  11. Hawaii Family Promise
  12. Found on Translation Company
  13. Chicago United
  14. Chicago Trade Women
  15. North Carolina Center for Employee Ownership
  16. anti-recidivism coalition
  17. New Mexico Immigration Law Center
  18. recasting company
  19. future career
  20. Thai Community Development Center

In recognition of their time and consistent work, the Foundation also awarded honorary grants of $3,000 to 171 additional nonprofit finalists.

“This open request for proposals process allows us to realize special non-profit organization “In the past, if we had traditional limits/guardrails, we might not get grant applications from these teams that are making real change,” said Courtney Barton, racial equity program officer at the Allstate Foundation. “These incredible organizations will use their expertise and these unrestricted funds to amplify their positive impact on individuals and communities.”

The Allstate Foundation supports communities and works to build a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. The foundation’s racial equity program focuses on workforce development, with a particular focus on closing the racial opportunity gap in careers through growing wages. The foundation invests in:

  • Nonprofit organizations help people overcome barriers and provide well-paying employment opportunities,
  • Increase entrepreneur equity through innovative workforce development strategies,
  • Increasing employer understanding, motivation and support for promising practices that address racial equity through workforce opportunity and development programs can help drive better business outcomes.

Since 2021, the Allstate Foundation has invested $20 million in nonprofit partnerships focused on advancing racial equity through workforce opportunity and development. This work complements Allstate’s work, including multiple commitments to advance equality, such as: OneTen, member of the Second Chance Business Alliance, P33 participant and signatory to the CEO Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Commitment. To learn more about the Foundation and its partners, please visit:

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