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Universal Music Group (UMG) records label after public spat with TikTok Extract the complete directory of a video application Earlier this year, the company stepped up its partnership with Spotify. On Thursday, UMG announced an expanded strategic relationship with the streaming music service, focusing on “music discovery and social interaction” as well as an enhanced fan experience.Music videos included in these new features in the US

Spotify recently announced plans to support music videos, March says It will test the option in 11 selected markets, which at the time does not include the United States. Instead, the feature will be available in Brazil, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, the Netherlands, Poland, the Philippines, Sweden and U.K.

With the UMG deal, US users can also choose to watch music videos instead of just streaming audio. The companies did not specify which parts of UMG’s catalog will be available as videos, nor did they identify specific high-profile artists whose videos would be included.

However, Universal Music Publishing Group includes many popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, SZA, Drake, Harry Styles, Kendrick Lars Mal, Adele, and others. Catalog of 4 million songs Also pulled TikTok was shut down after UMG failed to renew its agreement with TikTok.

As part of the new deal, Spotify will also launch new promotional and social features to help artists build excitement for their new albums. For example, UMG artists will be able to share trailers for upcoming songs, and users will be able to pre-save music ahead of new releases.

UMG said in a statement that the two companies will explore collaboration on other features over time, with more details still to be announced.

“UMG has always been a progressive partner on behalf of artists and songwriters, contributing to product development efforts on our experimental tools and adopting them early to help artists stand out,” Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek said in a statement. Upcoming features will empower artists and their teams, helping them express themselves authentically, effectively promote their work, and better monetize their art. ” he added.

Of course, what’s notable about the timing of this deal is the drama surrounding TikTok. U.S. may impose ban, the short video app and Universal Music Group failed to reach an agreement on TikTok’s use of Universal Music Group’s music. Therefore, TikTok Approximately 3 million songs owned or distributed by UMG must be removed by January 31, 2024Later, it was also Had to delete more songs Contains works controlled by UMG, that is, songs written or co-written by songwriters contracted by Universal Music Publishing Group.

By partnering with Spotify, UMG still has a way to promote its music to fans, even as its artists lose the ability to market themselves on TikTok.The loss of UMG Music would have been a bigger blow to TikTok in previous years, but considering the app’s shift away from lip-syncing and dance videos and toward more vlogs and Long-form contentt, let alone Controversial e-commerce promotionthe impact may not be that far-reaching.

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