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After a long journey, Taylor Swift reaches the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs are on their way to their fourth Super Bowl in the past five seasons. While some NFL players go their entire careers without competing for a championship, one rookie in Kansas City was punched after just 12 games.

As The Athletic’s Nicole Auerbach say on Xshortly after the Chiefs’ championship win: “Taylor Swift makes it to the Super Bowl in her first year in the league. Elite team.”

Ms. Swift, who has been dating Kansas City star tight end Travis Kelce, has changed the conversation of the NFL all season, brought new audiences to the league and inspired strong emotions (positive and negative). Her critics may have some burning questions ahead of the game. First, they wanted to know if she would compete.

As expected, she was at the stadium And root for Mr. Kelce and the Chiefs.

As you may have heard, Ms. Swift is good at keeping secrets. Aside from concert dates, her plans are rarely announced in advance. This led some people to come up with their own ways to figure out what she was doing.For example, before the Kansas City game in October, an NBC producer said he A surveillance plane searches the area around MetLife Stadium Police escort, hoping to alert TV crews if she showed up (which she did).

Last week, Mr Kelce received a flood of questions about Ms Swift, although he said he heard some of her claims upcoming album – Spoiler: He Likes It – He didn’t provide any details about whether she would compete.

But her plane was spotted in Los Angeles on Saturday and she arrived at Allegiant Stadium for the game on Sunday afternoon.She wore it while walking in the tunnel of the stadium black top and pants She carried a red jacket over her shoulders and a custom-made diamond and gold necklace by Stephanie Gottlieb featuring Mr. Kelce’s No. 87 before heading to her luxury suite.

Before the game, she was seen talking to people including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who last week called her a “dynamo.”

“Everything she touched, there were people who followed her,” Goodell said at the annual news conference. “We consider ourselves lucky and welcome that.”

CBS’ broadcast was fairly conservative with her first-half minutes.

She does. Her Eras tour recently resumed, and on Saturday night in Tokyo she performed another marathon of her extensive catalog of songs. Flights from Tokyo to Las Vegas often take 13 hours or more, and while people need sleep, some worry she may not be able to compete.

Embassy of Japan in Washington point out Timing isn’t really an obstacle for Swift. First, private jets shorten the journey (and provide a quiet place to sleep if needed). Secondly, the International Date Line is her friend.

In 1873, before the International Date Line officially existed, author Jules Verne described Ms. Swift’s temporal advantage in “Around the World in 80 Days.” The distance and direction of travel saved him:

In traveling eastward, he moves toward the sun, so that as he crosses degrees in this direction, the daylight hours decrease by four minutes. The circumference of the earth is three hundred and sixty degrees; these three hundred and sixty degrees, multiplied by four minutes, are exactly twenty-four hours—that is, one day has been added imperceptibly.In other words, when Phileas Fogg walked eastward, he saw the sun crossing the meridian eighty Sometimes his friends in London only saw it crossing the meridian seventy-nine That was why they were waiting for him at the Reform Club on Saturday, and not on Sunday as Mr. Fogg thought.

Or, as The West Wing sums it up more succinctly in a scene discussing President Bartlett’s journey from Tokyo to Washington, D.C. (and Recently viral online):

Josh: Would he land in Washington an hour before takeoff?
Sam: Yes.

For older generations, these scenes help with the logistics of the International Date Line. For Gen Z and younger generations, their frame of reference might be… when Taylor Swift flew to Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl.

During the regular season, Ms. Swift attended several Kansas City games from the luxury suite of Patrick Mahomes, Mr. Kelce’s close friend and longtime teammate. She appears to have become good friends with Mr. Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, and is often seen with other members of the Mahomes family.

She also watched the game with Mr Kelce’s parents, Donna and Ed, and her own father, mother and brother also watched with her at Christmas. Ms. Swift traveled to New Jersey to watch the Chiefs play the Jets at the Jets, where she sat with friends including actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

She and Kelly Kelce were among those who played during a playoff game in Buffalo last month Jason Kelce shirtless rant And become brothers with the masses.

At the AFC Championship Game in Baltimore, she was surrounded by Mr. Kelce’s family and colleagues, including Donna and Ed Kelce, Jason Kelce Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce and Mr Kells’ manager, Aaron and André Eanes. There were also some of Ms. Swift’s friends, such as the actress Keleigh Teller and the model Cara Delevingne.

There was a similar crowd at the Super Bowl, with the Kelseys, the Enes brothers and Ms. Lively on hand, as well as Ms. Swift and her family. The group was joined by rapper Ice Spice, who entered the stadium with Ms Swift this afternoon. . fast.

No one seems to mind that Jack Nicholson became a fixture At a Los Angeles Lakers game, or Spike Lee More connections with the New York Knicks than most players on the team.drake only got a slap when he started walking onto the court during a Toronto Raptors playoff pause.But even though Ms. Swift received Relatively little broadcast time During the broadcast of the Kansas City game, she has become a target for those who still believe she is receiving too much attention.

“It’s getting attention because people want to see it,” Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother, said in an interview during last week’s Pro Bowl festivities. “If people didn’t want to see it, they wouldn’t show it. .” “

as ms swift says“Some dads, Brad and Chad” might be angry, but the network is excited. Ratings analysis The Upshot says she’s likely a driving factor in the league’s increased viewership. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has said multiple times that he’s happy to have her by his side, and the NFL is enjoying an unexpected expansion of its construction — and viewers have fully embraced her connection to the league.

NFL insider Alex Riethmiller said: “NFL fans come in all types, even the global ones. We’re excited to have Taylor on board.”

Ms. Swift has said she loves the number 13, and her fans seem to see it everywhere. Take this year’s Super Bowl as an example. There are countless such examples:

  • Super Bowl 58 (5+8=13)

  • February 11, 2/11 (2+11=13)

  • Kansas City vs. 49ers (4+9=13)

  • The 49ers are the No. 1 seed in the NFC and the Chiefs are the No. 3 seed in the AFC (1 and 3-13)

  • This is Ms. Swift’s 13th NFL game of the season

It’s unclear whether San Francisco’s starting quarterback Brock Purdy wearing No. 13 is a good or bad sign. Time will prove everything.

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