Adele calls out Jason Kelce at concert: ‘You sound drunk’

Drunk football fans aren’t a big part of Adele’s concert scene, but Eagles center Jason Kelce isn’t your average aficionado.

During a concert performance in Las Vegas, Adele asked her concertgoers a survey about which team had the most supporters.

“Sorry, chiefs, you are outnumbered tonight,” Adele said.

But then another fan (rumored to be Travis Kelce’s brother Jason) screamed, “Eagles.”

“You sound drunk,” Adele replied, “like you’re a football fan.”

The Kells brothers co-produce a podcast, “New Heights,” which has an X account point out The voice in the video sounds like an Eagles offensive lineman.

Kelce laughed as Adele poked fun at the All-Pro center who seemed to be retiring.

Adele performs in Las Vegas this weekend. Getty Images Advertisement

Kelce had a great time at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Play High Stakes Blackjack with Tyler Lewandowski, Burt Kreischer and Tom Segura this week.

He was also seen at a U2 concert at The Sphere. ESPN personality Pat McAfee tore up band torn into pieces, Fares may plummet.

Taylor Swift witnessed firsthand that her lover Travis’s brother was not afraid to go crazy even in public.

Kelce looks belligerent Drinking beer at the AFC Championship In a wild game in Baltimore, Travis’ Chiefs beat the Ravens.

Jason Kelce at the Adele concert in Las Vegas. X/@Adeletes2
Jason Kelce is busy in Las Vegas. Getty Images

His NFL career appears to be coming to an end, although he has yet to confirm this.

Kelce reportedly met with network executives ESPN and Fox have talked about promising TV opportunities, but nothing has been announced in that regard.

Kelce’s TV career may be a direct reflection of whether he actually plays out his last career as a center in Philadelphia.

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