A new NASA spacesuit passes microgravity testing

Collins Aerospace is a private company hired to produce spacesuits for use outside the International Space Station (ISS). tested its suit The commercial microgravity flight passed a milestone that allows engineers to move toward critical design review.

NASA outsourced the design of the new space suit in 2022 after spending 15 years trying to develop it in-house. Collins Aerospace said This suit is lighter and smaller than the “enhanced” extravehicular mobility device currently used by NASA astronauts. It can be modified when the mission changes and adapts to a wider range of body types more easily than older suits based on designs from decades ago.

During testing, the aircraft performed a “roller coaster-like maneuver” to create a state of weightlessness and allow those wearing the prototype to see if it could actually allow a person to move around the aircraft in such conditions. As shown in the video below, they tried the following methods to get through the door in zero gravity.

Collins Aerospace’s next tests will put the suit into a vacuum chamber to see how it performs in the vacuum of space, while tests will take place 40 feet underwater at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Texas. Microgravity will be simulated for spacewalk training.

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