74-year-old grandmother punched by JetBlue crew member over teacup, left with bruises under eye: lawsuit

It’s a storm in a tea cup.

A JetBlue passenger claims she was accosted by cabin crew after trying to throw away her tea cup and spoon.

Angela Siddell said in a lawsuit that on Oct. 31, she was flying from JFK Airport to Costa Rica to celebrate her recent retirement when she was looking for a trash can to throw away the remaining tea on the flight. , resulting in a strange, very British riot.

The 74-year-old grandmother-of-four, who lives in the UK island of Jersey and worked as a flight attendant, claimed she was in the toilet when cabin crew came to collect her rubbish and she simply placed her rubbish on the counter. When she couldn’t find a trash can, she went to the kitchen, according to court documents.

The next thing she knew, an “unusually loud and verbally aggressive” female crew member falsely accused her of throwing a cup into the galley, according to court documents.

When Sidell asked for their name and employee ID number, the worker refused.

The crew also wouldn’t tell Sidell the pilot’s name or even provide her with a complaint form or document for her to write down her complaints – so she used a barf bag instead.

Angela Siddell claims she was just looking for a place to throw her tea cup away when crew members accused her of littering. The situation allegedly escalated from there. LinkedIn Angela Sidell

The situation allegedly turned violent when Sidell walked to the back of the plane to read the name tag of the flight attendant who had accused her, only to have the flight attendant grab her wrist, “while another JetBlue crew member The officer pushed her.” [her] she argued in court documents against the airline.

Sidell hit her head on the plane’s rear exit door and was handcuffed behind her back before the flight was diverted to Orlando, where she and her traveling companion were kicked off the plane.

She is seeking unspecified damages.

JetBlue did not respond to a request for comment.

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