50 Cent’s ex Daphne Joy fires back at calling her Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs a sex worker: ‘Character assassination’

Model Daphne Joy Sean “Diddy” Combs categorically denies claims she ever was in explosive lawsuit rap mogul sex worker.

“The lies in the Rodney Jones lawsuit hurt me deeply,” the influencer, who has a child with 50 Cent, said in an Instagram Story on Thursday.

“The claim that I am a sex worker is 100% false and a defamation of character.”

Daphne Joy responds she is Sean “Diddy” Combs’ sex worker. Daphne Joy/Instagram
Joy called the accusation “defamation of character.” Instagram/Daphne Joy
She also shared a video of herself crying.

Joy, 37, eventually said she was considering taking legal action over the accusations.

“I am retaining an attorney to explore all legal remedies against Rodney and his attorneys,” she said.

Joy also posted a video of herself in another Instagram Story, in which she appears to be crying and shaking her head “no.”

“I don’t wish this on any woman,” she wrote in the touching clip. “God heard me and that’s all that matters.”

Joy was named in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit against Combs. line graph
She was one of three women Coombs allegedly hired to perform sex work, according to the lawsuit. Daphne Joy/Instagram

Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones charged his $30 million lawsuit against coombs – who The FBI is currently investigating Sex Trafficking – Bad Boy executives hired Joy and two other women into sex work.

He claimed in the lawsuit that Combs, 54, “bragged” about paying “monthly stipends” to the ladies, which he allegedly Also includes Instagram model Jade Ramey.

Jones also accused the “Bad Boy for Life” rapper of sexually assaulting him between September 2022 and November 2023 while they were working on his latest album.

Combs was indicted for sexual assault. Getty Images
He is also under investigation for alleged involvement in a sex trafficking ring. mega

Combs’ attorney, Sean Hawley, previously denied Page Six’s accusations, saying “Lil Lord is nothing but a liar” and that he filed the $30 million lawsuit “shamelessly seeking to A payday.”

“His reckless naming of events that were purely fictitious and never happened was nothing more than a clear attempt to gain headlines.”

Meanwhile, the public and celebrities (including 50 Cent) had a great time making fun of Diddy online.

50 Cent is one of many people who have trolled Combs online. Denis Trussello
The two rappers had a falling out several years ago. movie magic

“In da Club” rapper, 48, even continue his prank It’s been revealed that Joey may have been involved in the “It’s All About the Benjamins” rapper’s alleged misconduct.

More you’ll love from Page Six…

“I didn’t know you were a sex worker you little sex worker. Haha,” 50 Cent captioned a photo of himself smoking a cigar on Instagram on Wednesday. “Yo this is a movie.”

Joy was once in a relationship with 50 Cent. Instagram / 50 cents
The exes have a son named Sire, and 50 Cent is reportedly trying to gain full custody of him. Instagram

Privately, however, he seemed to be taking things more seriously.

According to reports on Thursday, 50 Cent Consider sole custody His 11-year-old son Sire shares a child with Joy because of Joy’s alleged sex career.

The “Power” producer and music mogul only briefly dated the influencer, who has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, from 2011 to 2012.

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