3 Ways to Use Career Decoder Results

this Career Decoder Quiz Unleash your career strengths and potential. I’ll walk you through three ways you can use your results to increase your own professional happiness, success, and satisfaction.

i built Career Decoder Quiz Back in 2015, as of today, hundreds of thousands of people have taken the quiz. When I first shared it with our members and followers, I received a comment on LinkedIn from someone with a PhD in psychology who said their results were spot on – accurate. It really makes me happy because I’ve always known this information to be important and accurate, but when you hear other people saying the same, it’s so validating.

How to Use the Career Decoder Quiz to Unlock Career Success

The Career Decoder quiz is primarily about your workplace role. Your workplace role explains how you like to add value while at work and how you create value and results for your employer. This is important to understand because you are not an employee. You are a business and you are selling your services to employers. You want to be able to sell the services you enjoy providing. This is how you find satisfaction in your career.

I’ve worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years. career coach I’ve known for a long time that the number one reason people are so unhappy is that they are not intrinsically motivated by their work. The technical term is “intrinsic motivation.” It means this is the job you want to do, and this is the job you want to do. Career Decoder results show that you’ll naturally feel more satisfied when you do the job the results suggest you should be doing.

When we work with insiders Work It DAILY Platform, when our career coaches help our members, we often find that they are doing work that does not take full advantage of their two or three most important workplace roles. The Career Decoder Quiz will tell you which roles are most important to you. When you get anything that scores 20% or higher it means it’s to your advantage. This is the role you prefer to exploit. Some people have just one, some people have several. But you can’t have eight at once, so you’ll see what you like to do and how you like to deliver that value.

The first way (and probably the most important way) you should use your Career Decoder quiz results is to get very clear about the type of job you want to do.

We had a client who took the Career Decoder Quiz.He is a very successful man manager. In his current role, he is known as an optimizer. (This is one of eight workplace roles.) He is very good at identifying problems in the company and solving them. But he found no satisfaction in the job. When he took our quiz, he discovered that his three favorite workplace roles were mentor, visionary, and educator.

What he prefers to do is mentor others. He prefers to share visions and help people connect the dots and see things they can’t see on their own. He also wanted to bridge the gap between knowledge and information.

So what we do is work together Quantitative His skills and abilities in those three areas—the way he liked to work—and then he went to his lead team and said he really wanted to find a job within the organization that would allow him to utilize all three areas. And, lo and behold, the executive team said to him, “We’ve been waiting for you to say this.” He was shocked. They’re very happy with him in his role as an optimizer and he seems happy in his role as an optimizer, so why would they want to change something? It wasn’t until he expressed his desire to do work that met the requirements that he felt satisfied that he could achieve results.

I see this every day on the Work It DAILY platform as we provide career coaching to people and help them understand themselves better, and this is just one of the ways we do that.

The second way you need to take advantage of the results you get from the Career Decoder quizzes is to use them in all of your career tools (recover, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, ETC. ).

As a business, you must market yourself to: employer, and the way you market yourself is using your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, answers in interview prep, and elevator pitches when networking. A lot of people tend to have an “everything includes the kitchen sink” mentality and they think that everything they’ve ever done is in all these career tools. They want to present themselves as a jack of all trades. This is a fatal mistake. You need to establish yourself as an expert, and more importantly, as an expert doing the work you want to do. Career Decoder results can help you do just that.

Now, many people suddenly change their minds after getting the results LinkedIn Title to “I am a builder, mentor, super connector,” or on their resume they write that they are an educator, warrior, or researcher. This is not what I want you to do. It’s actually very contrived, and that’s not the purpose of it.

Instead, look at your top roles. You’ll realize that these roles are actually verbs. So, if you’re a builder, you want to examine your tools and quantify your experience building things: “I built X system.” Or, if you’re an educator, “I’ve taught X people students,” or “I’ve trained X people.” Or, if you’re a superconnector, “I’ve connected X customers/suppliers.”

You want to see how you progress in your career.You want to quantify your achievements and work experience Use terminology that aligns with your top workplace roles. Quantifying these things and branding yourself in this way, how are you going to communicate that this is your expertise, this is how you like to create value, and you can prove it.

A third way to leverage these results and increase career satisfaction is to understand or become familiar with your colleagues’ roles.

It’s important to know how to leverage other people’s strengths. Let me explain why.

When you know what your strengths are, you will have more confidence, when you understand the strengths of others, you know how to leverage them and collaborate better. That’s what companies are looking for – their top resources working well together to create better results.

By recognizing the talents of others and knowing how to leverage them in conjunction with your own, you will gain a great deal of trust, respect, and credibility within your organization.

I see a lot of people get stuck in their careers because they are so focused on what they are good at and how to win that they lose sight of the fact that in order to get to the next level in their career, they need to collaborate with others. They need to be able to leverage the strengths of others. You can’t have all eight roles at the same time. You’ll need these eight roles in the workplace. Therefore, if you want to be successful in your career, you need to put your ego aside. You need to use your own strengths, your own role, and you need to use the strengths of your teammates. Your credibility, trust, and respect will soar. Of course, this will make your job more enjoyable.

These are three ways you can take advantage of the Career Decoder results. Discovering your workplace role is so empowering.And we don’t just compare the Career Decoder Quiz with job seeker and professionals. We also use it with employers. They use it with their staff to help them get to know their teammates better.if you are leaderyou should not only take this quiz, but offer it to all employees and understand their results so that you can play to their strengths and ensure they are satisfied with their jobs.

I hope this free quiz Helping you, your colleagues and your leaders. If you would like to work one-on-one with one of our coaches and learn more about your results, Join our Work It DAILY now. Let us guide you toward a happier, more satisfying career.

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