3 Reasons to Give Up the Pursuit of Career Happiness

This may be controversial, but as a 20-year career coaching veteran, I think one of the biggest mistakes people are making post-pandemic is that they are too focused on pursuing career happiness, when really you should be focusing on Build professional resilience.

Career happiness is elusive. Building career flexibility will give you career satisfaction.

There are three reasons why career happiness is difficult to achieve: First, Career happiness is a state of mind.So, if you’re sitting here wondering, “How can I be happier in my career today?” you can’t. Instead, something needs to happen that will make you stronger, more resilient, feel more in control, and more satisfying.

Career satisfaction makes you happy.

The second reason you should Resign Working hard to pursue professional happiness is it keeps evolvingLike a moving target. The moment you start feeling happy, circumstances will change, or your circumstances will change. So it’s not a one-and-done thing. A lot of people struggle with the concept of “happiness,” and say, “I’m happy here, but I’m not happy right now. I’ll never achieve that.” That’s simply not true. Happiness is a state of constant movement.

The third reason you don’t want to focus on career happiness is Everyone’s situation is differentPeople I coach every day tell me that they tried something that worked for others, but they didn’t get the same results, and now they feel bad about it—about themselves, their situation, etc.You can’t compare other people’s success, other people’s perceived happiness, to your own thoughts success and happiness.

For these three reasons, career happiness is not the right goal to pursue.

So, what do you do? You focus on building your career resiliency. Why do this?Because the more powerful you become, the more in control you’ll feel, the more satisfied you’ll be with your career—and That Will make you feel happy.

How to build career flexibility


Building career flexibility requires three things.first of all environmentYou need to surround yourself with people who are also focused on career flexibility. Eventually you will learn from these people. In fact, they show you things you didn’t know you needed to know. And frankly, you look around the room and say, “These guys are no better than me. I can do this.” That gives you motivation that a lot of people lack.

The second thing you need is CounselingYou’re going to need people who have done it before, people who have the skills, people who have the know-how, people who have the latest technology, people who can understand your particular situation and give you the advice you need. Consider all the things you do when you are unable to achieve results yourself, and the people around you. They are essentially coaches. This is the person you need right now to help you get to the next level. If you think about it, Coaching is not a sign of weakness. This is the path to greatness, especially in a field like sports. This is no exception. You play a sport during your career.

The third thing you need is Knowledgeknowledge is power. Knowledge is something that no one can take away from you. employer Knowledge will never be taken away from you. This is your power. This is your value. That’s what you’re worth at work.

When you gain new insights, when you learn new things, it makes you smarter. You’ll make smarter decisions, and you’ll stop yourself from being an employee who feels like you’re not smart. Have any authority over employees who realize you are a business and you want to be a partner with that employer. They are not better than you. You want collaboration and you want mutual trust and the respect you deserve. But that only happens when you build that resilience.

I like to call people who build career resiliency “workplace traitors” because they get off the hamster treadmill, think for themselves, and learn how to take control of their own with the right environment, the right community, the right education, and the right curriculum. Caregivers and knowledge and then the right guidance, the right support.

If you need some help building career resilience, be daily working membership today.Sign up for our 7-day free trial See how easy it is to get the results you want and deserve.

Good luck and go get them!

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