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26 years ago, he killed a man in Missouri.His husband secretly cooperated with investigators to obtain a confession

Timothy Stephenson lives an enviable life.He is married to a doctor and they live in $2 million home Live in a quiet suburb east of San Francisco with their twin daughters.

But Stephenson is hiding a secret: nearly two decades ago, he shot and killed
Killed a man he met at a Kansas City bar.

It wasn’t until 2021 that the crime was unsolved and Stephenson’s dark past was finally revealed.
Caught up with him. By then, his personal life was falling apart. His husband had filed for divorce the previous year, and the couple was embroiled in a legal battle over custody of their children.

In December of the same year, authorities arrested him on murder charges and extradited him to
Missouri. This month he was sentenced to 16 years in prison for second-degree murder.

For Stephenson, everything came crashing down after police received new information
It helps them piece together what happened that night in Kansas in 1998

The information comes from Stephenson’s estranged husband.

He told husband a decade ago he had killed someone, court documents show

Stephenson told her husband, Joseph Ginejko, a decade ago before he was sentenced:
According to a probable cause statement obtained by CNN, Stephenson told his husband in 2014 that he met the man, Randall Oliphant, at a gay bar in January 1998 and they had an affair. Driving to Stephenson’s home city in Kansas, he shot him twice in the bathroom.

The missing person notice shows Randy Oliphant's photo from an issue of Current Affairs. - From current affairs news

The missing person notice shows Randy Oliphant’s photo from an issue of Current Affairs. – From current affairs news

Stephenson said Olyphant regretted his life after the first shooting.
The probable cause statement made no mention of a motive.

Two months later, Oliphant’s body was found in some woods in rural Benton County, Missouri, about 100 miles southeast of Kansas City. Missouri State Police said Stephenson was familiar with the area because his father and grandmother lived nearby and he had been there multiple times.

In a confession to her husband, Stephenson told him that he later remodeled the bathroom to cover up the crime scene and hide evidence.

Investigators questioned Stephenson in 1998, and he admitted to bringing an “unidentified male” to his Kansas City home. But he said he later gave the man a lift from the home and dropped him off at another bar.

Stephenson’s phone records show roaming charges from a nearby cell tower
Investigators said the victim’s body was found in rural Missouri.

In 1998, investigators also found the person who purchased Stephenson.
Jeep Wrangler that May – four months after the owner
Tell them that part of the rug was missing when he bought it.police said they
Blood was found in the rear cargo area of ​​the Jeep, but DNA evidence was

It is unclear why police did not arrest Stephenson in 1998.Missouri
The Highway Patrol declined to comment to CNN and referred questions to Benton
The county prosecutor’s office did not respond to requests
Extra details.

In 2021, investigators plan to conduct an undercover operation to obtain more details

Stephenson and Ginejko married in 2008 and live with their daughters
Danville is a suburb located in the East Bay of San Francisco was once named the safest
In California.

Court records show Ginejko filed for divorce in January 2020, six years later
Husband’s shocking confession – in Contra Costa County, but it’s unclear when
The divorce is finalized.Genejko told police he tried to research Missouri murder case
After her husband’s confession, there is little information available online.

But at some point between early 2020 and April 2021, Ginejko was interviewed
The probable cause statement said Gineco told them details of the killing that had never been publicly disclosed, suggesting he only knew them from his husband.

In a probable cause statement, investigators said they then conducted an undercover investigation
Action: April 2021 meeting between Stephenson and Ginejko
Audio and video are secretly captured.

During that conversation, the estranged couple discussed their affairs
The kids, Ginejko mentioned Stephenson’s 2014 confession.Stephenson’s
His behavior changed and he “became paranoid,” court documents said.
Stephenson asked if his husband was wearing a wire or recording
conversation, and even a search of his wallet, cell phone and coffee.

Ginejko asked Stephenson many times why he wanted to kill Olyphant, and his answer
Stephenson eventually admitted that he had indeed confessed to the murder years earlier, but claimed he told her husband that to scare him into staying with him, court documents say.

Stephenson was sentenced to 16 years in prison, including time served.

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