2024 NFL Draft: Insider’s take on Tyler Guyton’s rising stock, Quinyon Mitchell’s chances of being drafted on Day 1

The first day of practice for the 2024 Senior Bowl is in the books, and we learned a lot on Tuesday. April’s draft should be especially strong on the offensive line, with several blockers having strong performances on Tuesday.

A number of backs also stand out, including a mid-round receiver from Louisville. Here are seven players who impressed NFL decision-makers after their first day of practice in Mobile.

Notes on Tyler Guyton, Jackson Bowles-Johnson, Quinny Mitchell and more

California v Oregon StateCalifornia v Oregon State
California v Oregon State

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Jackson Bowles-Johnson/IOL/Oregon State:

Powers-Johnson came to Mobile as the top-ranked center in April’s draft and solidified the position one day by reaching the Senior Bowl. Bowles-Johnson played both guard and center, dominating everyone who came against him.

He is powerful but mobile and can block effectively while in motion. Most impressively, Bowles-Johnson, who was on the fence about playing in the Senior Bowl due to injury, took to the field and looked spectacular every snap.

Tyler Guyton/T/Oklahoma State:

Last November, I reported on Sportskeeda that Tyler Guyton Rated as a potential top-10 draft pick by scouts. Guyton has been a top-15 pick in every mock draft I’ve posted. He proved the value of both on Tuesday. Guyton lined up exclusively at right tackle on Tuesday and checked every box; he’s essentially healthy, athletic and strong.

Guyton was particularly good against smaller pass rushers and was able to handle everyone he faced.every time you take the time to play ball Sportskeeda’s Mock Draft Simulator, Guyton is expected to leave the board early. Guyton is then projected to be a top-15 pick in the actual draft this April.

Quinnen Mitchell/CB/Toledo:

Quinny Mitchell Mitchell is creating buzz around himself as many believe he will be selected in the first round of the draft. That discussion became even louder after Mitchell’s performance on Tuesday. He was hands down the best cornerback on the field and the top defensive back on the day.

Mitchell broke up a few passes and showed great ball skills and awareness. Most impressively, Mitchell caused damage in press coverage and will be asked to play on Sunday. He’s just over six feet tall, has long arms, and has the athleticism to be a starter in the NFL. Add it all up and Mitchell will be a first-round pick in three months.

Isaiah Adams/OL/Illinois:

The Fighting Illini have done well in the scouting process so far. After three players showcased their talents at Shrine Bowl practice Isaiah Adams He took that to another level during his first Senior Bowl practice. He played both tackle and guard and completely dominated his opponents.

Adams displays tremendous strength and ferocity in his game, driving opponents off the line and then burying them in the turf. He’s not a beautiful, nimble leaper on the field, but a throwback blocker who destroys opponents.

Jamari Thrash/WR/Louisville:

Thrash made some big plays on Tuesday and was an unstoppable go-to receiver. He caught a few deep passes and won contested passes while also making some nice catches in coverage.

At just over 5 feet 11.5 inches tall, Thrash isn’t very tall, nor is he super fast. Instead, he’s a crafty receiver who can find a way to get open and catch the ball.

Jordan Jefferson/DT/LSU:

If they had an award for the most dominant defensive lineman today, this award would go to Jordan Jefferson. He’s a solid interior lineman at 323 pounds, while Jefferson is good at playing big football. He dominates opponents in the interior, running blockers off the line to crush the pocket or running past opponents to make plays.

Not only is he physically strong, but he’s also relentless in beating blockers. Jefferson wasn’t even a blip on scouts’ radars before the season started, but he’s establishing himself as a solid Day 3 option.

Dwayne Carter/DT/Duke:

Carter weighed in at 308 pounds, which surprised people since his playing weight was closer to 290 pounds. Even more surprising was the strength and power he showed on Tuesday.

Facing a Senior Bowl offensive line filled with NFL talent, Carter made his presence felt, breaking through blockers on multiple occasions to disrupt the game. Not only is he long, but he’s also athletic and has shown enough ability to get down the line of scrimmage and get after him. If Carter keeps up this pace, he’ll be finished on the second day of the draft.

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