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Heading into 2024, the Nigerian Lions continue to have strong momentum.

Even though he failed in his bid for the title 2023 Mr. Olympiait took less than 10 days Samson Dauda Two more titles to add to his burgeoning bodybuilding resume.

Get first place result Romanian Pro Muscle Festival 2023The Nigerian Lions looked superb in another dominant performance from across the pond. Following the top honors at the Men’s Open in Romania on November 12, 2023, Dauda takes another podium finish at EVLS Prague 2023won the IFBB Pro League Show and received a $10,000 check for the second consecutive weekend.

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2023 EVLS Prague Professional League Divisional Results

The 2023 EVLS Prague Pro Series brings together athletes from six divisions to compete for the coveted championship, first place prize money and Automatically qualify for the 2024 Olympia Games.The following are the final results based on official scorecard Provided by IFBB Pro League.

Men’s Open

Between finishing third and beating the competition at the 2023 Olympia Romanian Muscle Festival Pro Defending Champion Behrooz Tabanai Abarghani For the 2023 title, Samson Dauda has all the motivation heading into the EVLS Prague Pro Series. However, he faced stiff competition from Michal “Krizo” Krizanek, who took top honors at the 2022 show.

In the end, though, Dada’s muscular frame and tighter appearance helped him beat an impressive field of contestants, which also included Rubil Mosquera and Nathan DeAsha, who finished third and fourth, respectively. Fourth place, behind the Colombian.

  1. Samson Dauda (U.K)
  2. Michal Krizanek (Slovakia)
  3. Rubel Mosquera (Colombia)
  4. Nathan de Asha (U.K)
  5. Jane Turek (Czech Republic)
  6. Liang Yan (China)
  7. Roman Fritz (Germany)
  8. Rob Cannon (U.K)
  9. Hamid Juma (Bahrain)
  10. Pavel Belan (Czech Republic)

212 bodybuilding

Like Dauda, ‚Äč‚ÄčAhmed Ali Ashkanani performed well at the Olympia and then scored a victory in Romania. Like the Nigerian Lions, the Kuwaiti finished first in his category for the second weekend in a row.

Ashkanani once again defeated Italy’s Giuseppe Zagarella, who also finished second at the 2023 Romanian Pro Muscle Festival.

  1. Ahmed Ali Ashkanani (Kuwait)
  2. Giuseppe Zagarella (Italy)
  3. Lucas Gonzalez (Brazil)
  4. David Knotta (Poland)
  5. George Adikashvili (Georgia)
  6. Daniel Vasilika (Romania)
  7. Damian Crispin (Poland)
  8. Vincent Alliot (France)

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classic physique

The battle for the Classical Physique Division title in Prague finally pitted two athletes who performed well at the 2023 Olympia. Urs Kalecinski won the 2023 Texas Pro on November 11, 2023 after finishing third at the Olympia. – Toes and Michael Dabollfinishing sixth at the Olympia.

Despite Daboul’s performance, “The Miracle Bear” emerged victorious, further cementing his status as one of the best classic physique fighters in the world.

  1. Urs Kaleczynski (Germany)
  2. Michael Daboll (U.K)
  3. Alexander Westmeier (Germany)
  4. Sebastian Terrell (France)
  5. Carol Rogachevski (Poland)
  6. Jodi Romero Massar (Spain)
  7. Ruben Lopez Reyes (Spain)
  8. german priest (Spain)
  9. George Achimpon (Denmark)
  10. Matthias Holvik (Germany)
  11. Manuel Moizer (Germany)
  12. Karal Aljarabi (Belgium)
  13. Tunde Chris Taylor (Germany)
  14. Sebastian Goncic (Czech Republic)
  15. Ali Khan (Afghanistan)
  16. Alberto Milani (Italy)
  17. Fernando Gonals Magor (Spain)

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Men’s Physique

Another example of why motivation is important is when Miroslav Juricek won the Romanian Muscle Festival Pro and the EVLS Prague Pro with Samson Dauda and Ahmad Ali Ashkanani. He and fellow Czech Republic Ondrej Kmotake both finished in the top two, representing their countries in the men’s physique division.

  1. Miroslav Yuricek (Czech Republic)
  2. Ondrej Kmostak (Czech Republic)
  3. Furkan (turkey)
  4. Adeyemi Awoyani (U.K)
  5. Andrea Amato (Italy)
  6. David Wacherka (Poland)
  7. Dylan Crane (France)
  8. Jeffrey Darko (U.K)
  9. Vyahaslaw Tarasevich (Belarus)
  10. Mohamed Almutawa (Kuwait)
  11. Alessandro Cavaniola (Italy)
  12. Panek Alexandru (Romania)
  13. Ramsey Bubak (Germany)
  14. Oscar Choszewski (Poland)
  15. Aryan Ali (Germany)

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It was a repeat of the situation for the Figures category, with Romanian MuscleFest pro champion Tereza Linhartova locking up her second title in as many weeks. Spain’s Rejoice Godwin finished third for the second consecutive race, while Romania’s Stefana Sandu started from the finish and USA’s Maria Louis Maria Luisa Diaz dropped from second to fourth after finishing second in Prague.

  1. Teresa Linhatova (Czech Republic)
  2. Maria Luisa Diaz (USA)
  3. Godwin rejoices (Spain)
  4. Stefana Sandu (Romania)
  5. Bernardz Nasrallahi Azar (Germany)
  6. Zulfya Bitieva (Kazakhstan)
  7. Kamala Graham (U.K)
  8. Karin Hajar (Qatar)
  9. Tamirez Silva (Brazil)
  10. Sonya Ivanov (Germany)
  11. Anna Kochka (Ukraine)
  12. Natalia Sharapova (Russia)
  13. Gabriella Linhatova (Czech Republic)
  14. Vanessa Harpur (Germany)
  15. Gabriella Hayner (Czech Republic)
  16. Alina Yaman (U.K)

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The outcome of the title battle in the bikini category in Prague was different from that in Romania. After winning last weekend’s title, Italy’s Alice Marchisio dropped to third place, while Romanian Muscle Festival pro runner-up Valeria Fedorenko took the title. $10,000 prize.

Ukraine’s Violeta Palamarchuk also had success, jumping from eighth place at the Romania MuscleFest Pro to second at the EVLS Prague Pro.

  1. Valeria Fedorenko (Ukraine)
  2. Violetta Palamachuk (Ukraine)
  3. Alice Marchisio (Italy)
  4. Dorothea Zoe Toth (Hungary)
  5. Renata Novak (Poland)
  6. Sara Penzetti (Italy)
  7. Lisa Reith (Germany)
  8. Sara Luza Rogacy (Hungary)
  9. Olivia Bohankova Kovacs (Slovakia)
  10. Petra Voldanova (U.K)
  11. Andrea Sally (Switzerland)
  12. marla caro
  13. Cataluca (Hungary)
  14. Johanna Doerr (Germany)
  15. Irene Iravedra Kunaro (Spain)

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Overall, Samson Dauda deserves credit for continuing to compete after giving it his all at the 2023 Mr. Olympia. While he could have easily rested on his laurels and been satisfied with a third place finish at the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year, he did the exact opposite.

So while the Nigerian Lion didn’t leave Orlando, Florida with $400,000 in prize money and the most coveted title in the sport, he certainly made the most of his trip to Europe, competing in back-to-back tournaments. Won the home championship.

Featured Image: Samson Dauda / Instagram

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