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It’s been nearly two years since the Beijing Olympics, but even so, the United States just added a few new gold medalists.

Russian skater Kamila Valyeva has been disqualified from all events starting December 25, 2021, for using unauthorized heart medication. According to a ruling issued by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on MondayThe Russian team lost its gold medal status at the 2022 Olympics due to the disqualification. The International Skating Union announced on Tuesday morning that Valieva’s absence from the team meant the United States and Japan had surpassed Russia for gold, ahead of silver.

The International Skating Union said that Valyeva will be “disqualified from participating in the women’s single skating competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. All her personal results and points in the short program and free skate will be cancelled, and her team competition results will be cancelled.” Will be re-ranked.” Valieva did not win a medal in the individual event and ranked fourth.

However, Valieva participated in the Russian team competition and won first place in the women’s free skate and women’s short program in the team competition. Both losses added 10 points to the Russian team’s total score. The game ended with 74 points, with the United States scoring 65 and Japan scoring 63. Excluding Valieva’s contribution, Russia scored 54 points – enough for now to keep the bronze medal.

There’s another problem with this story, though. Canada won by 53 points in Beijing. In theory, canceling Valieva’s two matches would allow Canada’s Madeleine Hizas to move from third place (eight points) to second place and gain nine points in two events. It improved Canada’s total score from 53 to 55 points, enough to overtake Russia for the bronze medal.

(Illustration by Mallory Biletski/Yahoo Sports)

(Illustration by Mallory Biletski/Yahoo Sports)

ISU’s own rules appear to provide for such a move. According to Section 354.4.a of the International Skating Union Special and Technical Rules, “A skater who is disqualified will lose his ranking and be officially noted as a disqualification (DSQ) in the intermediate and final results. After completing the competition, the initial ranking will be lower than The disqualified skater will be promoted accordingly.” This rule applies specifically to individual and pairs skating competitions. Other rules state that rules for team competitions will be conducted “in consultation with the International Olympic Committee.”

in a statementSkate Canada, the national skating organizing body, “strongly disagrees with the International Skating Union’s position on this matter and will consider all options for appealing this decision.”

Canada is not the only country planning to appeal. The Russian Olympic Committee said it would “definitely appeal” the International Skating Union’s decision. “Our starting point is that, in accordance with the currently applicable International Skating Union rules, the consequences of a sanction decision against individual athletes … cannot form the basis for reviewing the results of a team championship.”

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