13 Great Deals from Target’s Black Friday Sale

I haven’t finished my Halloween candy yet, but Early Black Friday Deals It’s already available in retailers. That includes Target, everyone’s favorite store to visit when running errands.Thankfully, the store is offering a holiday price match guarantee from October 22 to December 24, so you don’t have to worry about something getting cheaper in the meantime actual Black Friday. Be sure to keep your receipts!

We’ve rounded Early Black Friday mattress deals, Best Buy Best Deals.check our Black Friday Shopping Tips for more advice.

Updated November 15, 2023: We’ve added more deals, including a Delonghi Stilosa espresso machine, a selection of LEGO and Magna tiles, and Christmas decorations.

WIRED tests products throughout the year and handpicks these deals based on actual discounts, not just those a retailer claims to offer. Products that are sold out or no longer on sale as of the time of publication will Cross out.We will update this guide by November.

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Smart Home and Home Deals

Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)

Photo: Google

We’re not sure if smart displays will exist foreverbut if you want one, Google makes some of the best. Second Generation Nest Hub (7/10, recommended by Wired) There are no cameras, so you can rest assured of your privacy. It’s compact, has a 7-inch screen, and fits perfectly on your bedside table. It has sleep-sensing technology that tracks the quality of your sleep.

If you prefer Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant and want to video chat, the Echo Show 8 is a good choice. It was $10 cheaper in October, so it may become cheaper again as we get closer to the actual holidays. The 8-inch screen is the perfect size and big enough to read recipes and even play movies while cooking, but it doesn’t take up valuable counter space.

De'Longhi Stilosa Espresso Machine

Delonghi Stilosa Espresso Machine

Photography: Delongi

A good budget espresso machine is rare, but this one is our favorite.You get a sturdy handle, a reliable steam pump, and a steam wand in a fairly compact body. Unlike other budget machines we’ve tried, the Stilosa showed no signs of slowing down. This was a gift I got when I got married, it’s easy to use whether I want to make espresso or just coffee with milk. It also takes up very little space on our counter.

If your store listing contains the following products toilet paper, washing powderand cleaning supplies, e.g. Swiffer dust collector, you can get $10 back in the form of a gift card. Target often runs these deals, and we’ve seen them change slightly starting with this Black Friday sale. They usually include items you want to buy regardless of whether there’s a transaction going on, so that’s a nice bonus.

If you need to pick something up e.g. shampoo, Moisture Creamor Hair spray, you may be able to get a $5 gift card from the offer.These include a wide variety of products, such as our favorite Nodpod weighted eye mask.

The Origin Dyson model comes with fewer accessories (this one only comes with a combo tool attachment), so you can save some money if you don’t need all the extra accessories. It can still be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. V8 not as powerful as some Other pricier Dyson vacuumsbut its running time is 40 minutes.

TV deals



Photo: LG

The LG C3 is one of our Gamers’ Favorite TVsIt’s been this price since October, so it’s not a terribly rare deal, but it’s still a lot cheaper than more expensive TVs. Our testers said images were vivid, with high contrast and plenty of detail, but never overdone. The response time is fast at 9.2 milliseconds, and it supports all current game console functions through four HDMI ports.

If you mainly watch Amazon Prime content, the Fire TV Stick is your best choice Streaming media device You need it, this one was just released at the end of September. Of course, you can stream from any service, but it’s primarily geared toward the company’s own content.This 4K Max is faster and has 16 GB of storage instead of 8 GB, but it’s also new if you want to spend less and stay in the Amazon ecosystem 4K Stick on sale for $25 ($25 off).

Christmas Decoration Deals

target christmas tree

Photo: Target

Artificial trees can save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy a new tree every year. Plus, you can keep them on longer.We cannot speak for the quality of all of these, but there are a wide range of uses for trees of various sizes and types to suit most people’s homes and needs, e.g. 3 inches small spruce or this 6 feet fine Virginia pine A Wired family bought it last year.

Target makes some of my favorite Christmas decorations to sell before the holidays instead of right after, which is a great way to add a few things to your rotation this year.This deal includes light postthis target bird (I bought it Mini three-piece set), as well as the popular retro look ceramic tree.I would also like”everyone is santa claus” series, which includes Santa Clauses of different skin colors and genders, as well as Santa Clauses who use wheelchairs.

target trinket

Photo: Target

As with decorations, Target makes great decorations, from pretty to silly to simply cute.This year I added a Bloody Mary and a half dozen oysters My ever growing collection and always looking for felt ghost of christmas future.

If you’ve got the trees, lights, and decorations you need for the holidays, you might want to stock up on some Extension cord, Power Boardor timer Let them all work. Now, they’re only a few dollars cheaper.

Toys and Entertainment Deals

Magna tiles look like castles

Magna tiles

Photo: Amazon

Magna tiles are some of the Our Favorite STEM Toys. Colorful, translucent pieces snap together so kids can build anything their little hands can build, whether it’s a house, an animal or a kingdom of stuffed animals.There are tons of sets, some of which are There is also a discount now, so you can use your child’s imagination to enrich your child’s collection. Wired editor Adrienne So says the return on investment has been so amazing that even years after owning Magna-Tiles, her two children still spend hours with them.

Lego is more than just colorful plastic building blocks.You can build something like Dried flower centerpieces or a Christmas house. These sets can be pretty pricey—I think I actually gasped when I saw the cute $209 price tag on this one. Atari console— so we expect every gift to get a discount like we saw during Prime Day.However, if someone on your gift list is Lego lovers.

You need to save this offer to your Target account before it can activate.Some of our favorite toys and games are Lanxi Gummy, Decentralizedor a magic 8 ball (It’s never too early to start your child’s mysterious future).Classic books such as Very hungry caterpillar and rainbow fish Also included.

Books are also included in the above deal, but this one is great for stocking up on some new titles, like Britney Spears’ new memoir the woman inside me $21.Some other popular books are:

The deal includes toys like Play-Doh as well as games and books for kids and adults. Here are some games we recommend.

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