10 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Career

Your manager is not responsible for your career. You are responsible. They are responsible for your output. Therefore, waiting until annual review time to identify your goals and achievements is not the best idea.

Here are 10 things you can do today to improve your career…

What can you do to improve your career?

  1. Set small goals
  2. stretch yourself
  3. get feedback
  4. plan your work
  5. Be curious about your industry
  6. read
  7. network
  8. Find a mentor
  9. Find a protégé
  10. listen

How can you advance your career faster?

If you want to grow your career faster, you need to “work it daily”, which means you need to work a little harder on your career every day. career growth And make it a daily habit and your career will advance faster than before.

Start growing your career today by doing the following…

1. Set small goals regularly


When it comes to annual reviews, there’s a lot of focus on goals for the year. A year is a long time—too long, in fact, to set a specific, achievable goalsTherefore, it’s smarter to set smaller goals throughout the year.

Think about your daily routine. What can you do to improve the quality of this work? Where Skills you can learn To help you improve? Think about it and make a list of goals related to these projects. Then, once you set your goals, give yourself a deadline for learning these things.

When you reach a deadline, give yourself a score. honestly. This works great. Did you do it? Did you do well? Then ask others how they would rate or rate these new skills of yours. Then rinse and repeat.

2. Stretch your body

Women step out of their comfort zones to speak during conferences


The smartest among us say that success lies outside our comfort zone. Therefore, there is no doubt that you have to look beyond your area of ​​expertise.

Do something that scares you. Don’t like public speaking?Start signing up for speaking engagements at work, or Social activities.Are you afraid to express your thoughts about your industry? Reach out to someone for a guest posting opportunity.

No matter what’s giving you an upset stomach, sign up today.

3. Get feedback

Woman gets feedback from boss about her career


Self-assessment is important; get feedback. It’s important to always get feedback.

For example, at the end of every meeting I host, I ask the following questions:

  • “What really works for you?”
  • “What if it would be better?”

You can learn a lot from these two questions. A lot of information about your work product and performance can be gleaned from these two questions. Give it a try and see what you learn.

4. Plan your work

Man on laptop trying to improve his career


Do you know how many amazing things you’ve done this year? Probably don’t know because you haven’t curated those great works anywhere to revisit it.

You can store this work in countless locations in the cloud. When you have a body of work that’s great and you’re proud of it, it’s like write your resume when you go.

It’s also easy to share with your manager during a review. When you visually prove your excellence, you’ll be better prepared to wow them.

5. Be curious about your industry

Group of happy professionals improving their careers during work meeting


Spend time each week as a student of your industry or company. study your industry Stay with the company as if you will be tested by them. Ask people in your space questions, ask your managers and colleagues, ask your company’s customers how they feel.

Develop thoughtful insights about the industry and your company, and don’t be shy about sharing them.


A woman studies to improve her career


Spend time reading blogs, large and small. Spend time reading books about your career. Read business books that expand your thinking.

At the end of the day: read!

Reading new things can Start a conversation When you are connected to the Internet You can also build your career through new ways of doing things and different work and life skills to make your life smoother.

7. Great Network

Happy man shaking hands with someone while making connections to improve his career


Never, ever, ever send a standard LinkedIn invitation. forever.we can not pressure This is enough. Personalize the message and tell the recipient what you have in common and how you want to help them.If you don’t know someone, ask someone in your network an introduction.

Excellent network It’s about leaving a positive impression. It’s not just LinkedIn. Attend industry events and local events and meet as many people as possible. It also helps to be curious about your industry.

8. Find a mentor

Man mentors woman to help improve her career


Mentors are great resources for all these elements. Need something to give back? Ask your instructor. Need inspiration from industry or company insights? Looking for ways to expand? tutor!

9. Find a protégé

Two colleagues help each other in their careers


Offline, a good protégé can also be a huge resource worth learning from. Protégés can break some of your paradigms. They can also expose you to new thinking and provide you with new ways of solving problems and looking at things.

10.ABL (Always Listen)

Man listening during work meeting


Even if you’re perfectly happy in your current position, it doesn’t hurt to hear about other opportunities and build relationships with new people in the industry. In fact, if you want to grow and improve your career, this is what you should do.

Always be open to new opportunities new contact With people. Plus, it feels really good when you get attention!

Follow the tips above to improve your career today! Remember: If you want to win, you have to work hard every day.

Looking for more ways to improve your career?

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