1 (Sneaky) Question You Should Ask in a Job Interview

If you want to make a strong, positive, lasting impression job interview, there’s one question you should ask the hiring manager. This is also a bit of a sneaky question because it will reveal some information about the person and what it would be like to work at the company.

“What is the most important/positive thing that has happened to you at this company?”

When you finish the interview and Recruitment Manager If you have any questions, look them in the eye, smile, and say, “Tell me the most important or positive thing that happened at your company last year.”

The reason you’re asking them about the most important, positive, exciting thing that happened in the last year is because whenever we talk to someone and share a positive experience, we tend to associate them with positive things. We end up liking them more and feeling more connected give them. So here’s one way you can achieve that with the person interviewing you.

But if you ask them this question and they can’t answer it quickly, or they’re hesitant, or they’re having a hard time coming up with something, what does that tell you about the company? Why is this person not thinking of positive things? It makes you wonder.

Asking this question during a job interview can provide insight into whether the company is a good fit for you. It will tell you a lot about the organization’s values, goals, and workplace culture.

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Good luck and go get them!

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